What is Hotjar and How Does it Work?

Definition of Hotjar

Hotjar is that user feedback service and behavior analytics help the users understand how your website users behave and how they manage to get feedback through session recordings, Heatmaps and surveys.

Hotjar is a tool that complements data and later helps users get from traditional web tools, including google analytic. The service is User-friendly and can combine the site behaviors and the User’s behavior analysis. These tools are the ones that will help you to understand how your site is functioning, what users will have to say and what is happening on your site.

Why You Should Use a Hotjar for Your Site

If you are an owner of a site or working to improve one, you will give value to any tool that:
1. Gives visual and clear data points about what is happening on the site
2. Does everything quickly without the need for a learning curve
3. Gives context about why most individuals behave in their usual way

Hotjar is one favorite and useful tool that does all the above. Below is a detailed explanation of how Hotjar is useful for your site:

1. Hotjar is a direct and visual way of understanding user behaviors

If you are a businessman who manages an online store, you should probably be using the older analytics tool to help show the bigger picture. Also, if you are in the e-commerce sector, then you would probably apply the same tools on the traffic data.

Hotjar is a tool that puts you as a user on the ground level with the users. This approach will help you see what they do.

Heatmaps will show the User total response of the user behaviors on various site pages. Where do the site users click? What is their interest? Are they able to identify some of the essential elements and ability to interact with them?

Definition of a Heatmap
Various recordings allow the users to watch across various sites on the internet to see where most individual users get stuck, abandon your page, or decide to take a U-turn.

When you become more about the Heatmaps, you will get to increase conversions on the internet. They will help to increase the behavior data and also increase signups by around 25%.

2. Hotjar helps User gather the information’s that explains the User behavior

When you are doing Heatmaps and recordings, you may spot a repeating norm where it will look like the people using the site are being frustrated. You find them scrolling consistently and also clicking round and also not sure of their next move.
It would be a terrible mistake to proceed and make changes to your digital experience without having to validate various assumptions about what is going on. It is advisable to inquire about what they feel.

The other magic related to Hotjar is how it can complete the picture of the user behavior. It is thus essential to get clear insight and then observe what the visitors do and see. What you need to do is understand the context and drivers leading the users directly to your site, hooks that convince people to work, and the various barriers to stop them. With Hotjar, there are different ways to do it.

Most on-page pols are pop-ups that let people ask a better question. Would you want to know the reason why people do not turn to your page? You can decide to direct the question to the users who did it and see if something stopped them. You will get the opportunity to fix all the entire issues for everybody.

Have you ever wondered what is going on through your User’s heads and when they would like to exit a specific page? It is essential to measure the exit intent.

3. Hotjar gives Users insights with a fair learning curve

Most analytic tools challenges may get into the way, and there is a need to get moving along while understanding the User’s behavior. You are going to need more support from tech teams to help implement analytics and other insight tools.

Setting up a Hotjar is easy, and it is like installing a tracking code snippet on any site. Also, Hotjar supports several tag managers like the Google Tag Manager. It can be stalled in hundreds of platforms. You can still add it to your Shopify store, and is very quick and painless. This is also the same when you are working to optimize your WordPress. Its insights are very easy for everyone.

The insights are very easy for everyone, and you do not need data science to help you interpret various insights that include product managers, UX designers and e-commerce marketers. Anyone in your team can still interpret color gradients and spot any problematic interactions and can also read any feedback to help understand what readers think about your website.

4. It’s effortless to get buy-in.

Hotjar works for every team despite the sizes. It will not matter whether the business is a startup building with a minimum budget or a big enterprise with many web pages.

The tool has been able to combine more than eight powerful tools. You do not have to buy Heatmaps, feedback tools and recordings over and over again. You will only have to do it once. As a user, you get access to each of them immediately.

It is very free to use basic Hotjar, and the paid plans are very cheap. The product is also built with a design approach to privacy.

How to use Hotjar to improve and understand your website experience

There are several experiences and usability tests one can run and many improvements to help identify the Hotjar. Some of the things you may probably do after using the product include:
1. Removing or rethinking the ignored content
2. Seeing what types of imaginary work best
3. Knowing whether CTAs attract any attention
4. Translation of the expected feedback comments into the faqs
5. Testing what content works above your fold

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