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In the past five years, the average project delivery time, from gathering requirements to launching, is four months. Although, it also depends on the project scope and requirements, which is why the timeframe may vary, some six weeks, while others take one and a half years to deliver.

Call us at 1300 330 867 and let us help you determine how long your project will take.

Custom software costs depend on the scope of the project as well as the amount of time needed for the team to deliver it. 

A ballpark estimate of $50K + GST is likely the cost of a web app already launched into production which has public-facing screens, custom UI, an admin section, push notifications, reporting dashboard, 3 levels of user role (login/authorization), and two API-based third-party integrations. About $20K + GST is the cost of a PWA functional prototype that has system tangibility, with no real data connectivity. 

33Technologies maintains a policy of a minimum project amount for launch-ready software which is $15K + GST.

Call us now at 1300 330 867 to know our daily rate. 

Clients don’t need to be highly technical to keep an eye on a custom software project, however, it is imperative that clients discuss the requirements in advance, participate in WIP sessions fortnightly, and make time to join software reviews before its launch. A regular software review allows clients to give feedback and check the quality of every solution. 

Call us now at 1300 330 867.

33Technologies is committed to a strict but flexible quality assurance process, which includes unit testing, automated tests, and code review by Senior Developers in order to come up with the highest quality possible. 

We ensure the system’s full functionality through manual user and integration testing. Our goal is always to provide a great user experience as we execute business objectives. 

Additionally, we can also provide monitoring and maintenance of systems performance after its launch through our support and maintenance package. To find out more, call us now at 1300 330 867.

Custom software, like other technology, requires updating and optimisation. This is to ensure security, performance, and operation. In order to keep up with the changes in the business environment, there is a need for new functionality. Therefore, at 33Technologies, we have support and maintenance options which include retainer and block of hours support. In fact, we even work with our clients in order to customise their support plans. You can have your own private support portal and a structured ticketing system to call on so you can keep track of send and support tasks as easily as possible. 

33Technologies is a privately owned Australian business supported by a full-stack development team of more than 10, but less than 20 Senior Software Developers and Architects (majority of senior or midlevel), who have worked together for many years. Dedicated project managers and software testers are assigned, on every project.

33Technologies prides itself in its mainstream programming languages and platforms proficiency. We have specialist expertise in all web based technologies including SQL and AWS Cloud. You are assured of a highly efficient core tech stack as well as more than 20 years of experience in PHP and all of the major PHP and Javascript based frameworks; We predominantly work with Laravel and NodeJS and tailor a solution using those.

We are glad to sign your NDA as we value your ideas and the safety of your project. We are fully aware that it’s your idea, and we truly respect that. We can also provide ours, which is designed to protect the privacy of your information. Rest assured that our ultimate goal is to build exceptional software for you.

Queensland is home to our head office and a large portion of our development staff. However, our clients come from all throughout Australia and even outside.

If you're serious about moving forward and need a face-to-face discussion, we'll still come to you in Mackay, Bendigo, Darwin, Port Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, or anyplace else in Australia.

You won't need to wait long for us to begin working on your project because we have a sizable staff of developers and support personnel. Usually, after the contract is signed, we can start working.

A variety of variable pricing choices are available to customers of 33Technologies, including the fixed fee, time and materials, block of time, and dedicated team models.

We encourage collaboration. We believe that effective communication between the developer and the client is crucial for a successful partnership. 

Regular WIP meetings and offering software for review on staging sites as work progresses are both aspects of our inclusive working style. Throughout your project, you will have numerous opportunities to provide comments and can become very involved. Clients have even joined us in the office to work side by side on their program or app.

Yes, of course. 

Adding changes to your project during a time and materials engagement or block of time engagement is rather simple.

Within reason, we'll endeavor to accommodate you without charging you if the project and scope have fixed costs. If the functional change is more significant, we'll estimate it, document it, and submit a change request with a new estimate for the job.

You, the client, own all intellectual property made for the project.

The exception is already existing intellectual property (IP) from third parties, which we may use to reduce the cost of your project. Xero, Power BI, Campaign Monitor, or SharePoint are a few examples.

33Technologies still supports many clients with in-house teams to obtain technical experience, supplement software delivery capabilities, or achieve a strict project deadline. We have a great deal of experience collaborating closely and effectively with other teams and groups.

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33Technologies created a highly optimised solution for us, delivered on time and within budget. The experience was very smooth and we were able to work together to solve some of the scaling issues we've come up against.

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