About 33Technologies

We’re a company dedicated to helping organisations switch on the power of the cloud to become more agile, connected and efficient. We provide a range of services so that our customers can realise the full value of technology. We love building cool shit! We'll cover all of your web and cloud requirements and come up with a bespoke solution that's going to work perfectly within your business.

Meet the Team


Declan Pym

Managing Director & Solution Engineer

Declan is responsible for the day to day running, and operations of the business. He is the infrastructure engineer with a passion for infrastructure design, automation and all things DevOps.


Ivy Villocido

Customer Success Manager

Ivy works closely with the development teams assisting with the daily coordination of tasks, customer requests and all internal and client facing projects.


Jayesh Meheta

Special Projects Manager

Jayesh is responsible for ensuring that our client development projects are rolled out on time, in scope and on budget.


Eka Prasetya

Graphic Designer

Eka is the graphic design master behind all of our website and promo images. He loves getting in the mind of the customers to work out exactly what's going to work best for your campaigns and promotional assets.


Jin Xing

Software/Mobile Developer

Jin is the man responsible for all of our mobile development, with a passion for java and mobile applications, he is always looking for a new challenge.

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