Top 7 Benefits Of Using An External SMTP Provider

Like most busy business owners, you likely don't have time to manage your email server. That's where an external Simple Mail Transfer Protocol provider comes in handy. An external SMTP provider can take all the stress out of managing your email by handling all the email hosting and delivery for you. This blog post will explore seven top benefits of using an external SMTP provider.

Increased Reliability

When it comes to sending messages, reliability is critical. By using an external Simple Mail Transfer Protocol provider, you can increase the reliability of your business communications. Not only will this help ensure that your messages are delivered as intended, but it can also eliminate any unexpected delays. When you use a third-party provider, you can ensure they have the resources and expertise to handle your incoming and outgoing messages promptly and professionally. This results in a more positive tone for your business dealings, making everyone feel better about their interactions.

Greater Flexibility

Many businesses find that using an external Simple Mail Transfer Protocol provider offers many benefits, including greater flexibility. You can also choose which email services and technologies to deploy. This allows you to have a more professional tone when sending emails and ensure that your emails are delivered accurately and promptly.  You can configure your messages in whichever way works best for you, using the technologies you are most comfortable with.

Lower Costs

An external Simple Mail Transfer Protocol provider can provide a lower-cost alternative to your email server. Additionally, by using an external email service, you will not have to pay for the underlying hardware or software needed to send and receive emails. This can be a significant saving, mainly if operating on a tight budget. Additionally, many external Simple Mail Transfer Protocol providers offer discounted rates for bulk mailing activities.

Speedier Communications

When sending emails, it is essential to remember that the more data travels over the internet, the slower the connection will be. An external Simple Mail Transfer Protocol provider can significantly speed up your communications by eliminating the need to go through your ISP. This means that you'll receive your messages sooner rather than later, which is especially helpful if you need to send urgent notifications or updates to your team.

More Control

Most email providers offer users some degree of control over how their messages are sent. Some allow you to set up filters on incoming emails, while others enable you to send emails through a third-party service. Some email providers also allow you to set up rules that trigger an email when a particular condition is met.

Increased Security

When it comes to email security, using an external Simple Mail Transfer Protocol provider can significantly increase your protection since it uses secure SSL/TLS connections and authentication techniques to protect your data. Additionally, by using an SMTP provider like Mailgun's DMARC policy enforcement capabilities, you can ensure that all your email is correctly labeled as either SPAM or HAM (undeliverable). It helps reduce the spam that ends up in your inbox.

Greater Accountability

When an organization chooses to use an external SMTP provider, they provide a level of accountability that is not typically available from within the organization's email system. External providers maintain logs of every message sent and received, making it easy to track any undesirable or unauthorized activity. This level of accountability can be a huge benefit when dealing with issues such as spamming or data theft. By maintaining logs, external SMTP providers can also provide detailed reports on the performance of their systems, which can help optimize them for future use.

If you're looking to improve your email marketing performance, switching to an external SMTP provider is the solution you're looking for. Using an external SMTP provider can save you money, increase the reliability of your communications, and speed up your email delivery. In addition, assigning specific responsibilities to employees can reduce the risk of email flooding and accidental deletion of messages. With all these benefits to offer, it is no doubt that SMTP providers are worth using.


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