The Importance of having a High Availability Solution

The significance of high availability is essentially more important for all businesses than ever before. With the advancement of technology and the need for stronger security, having a highly available system in your organization will certainly prepare you for any unforeseen disaster.

What is High Availability?

Merely put, being highly available denotes having more than one network device or server to undertake one role. Generally, having several systems or server redundancy carrying out a single task is essential for all companies if one becomes faulty.

Since forecasting an impending disaster is virtually impossible, it’s always essential to prepare accordingly. Issues are always common, especially when a business has a single server to sustain the entire system.

The Benefits of High Availability

Minimal Downtime

If a crucial server fails in a company, it will certainly lead to the failure of the server that depends on it. Additionally, as companies become paperless, a faulty server results in no work being done in an organization.

However, with a high availability software, there will be minimal downtime since when a vital server fails, this solution will efficiently move the operations to the host server. In this case, client functionalities will still be performed, and staffs can continue undertaking their tasks.

Streamline Maintenance

Keep in mind that accidental disaster isn’t the only kind of downtime faced by companies. Other instances when a business can face costly downtime may be due to software and hardware upgrades or updates. But with a high availability software, there will be minimal downtime.

Basically, companies can opt to migrate their server to the host location and operate normally as in-house upgrades are being undertaken. In this case, businesses will not be prevented from undertaking vital improvements.

It Saves Potential Revenue Loss

With a defective server, it means zero new sales and zero customer support. So, the faster the server gets up and running, the faster you get back to normal business. When there is a partial software breakdown, the customer operations can move over to a host server and then continue running on the assumption that nothing happened to the original server.

It Improves Agility and Resilience

While disaster recovery systems are vital, they can take a prolonged period to coordinate. However, with a high available software, it only takes a couple of seconds to migrate to the failover center and operate there. Indeed, it is always personalized to your needs – do you need your info up-to-date within seconds or minutes?

Well, what this means is that you can always stipulate how fast you need your data replicated. At any given moment, the version running on the host site is practically similar to the version of the server that breaks down. This way, your business is resilient to nearly any impact on your usual business functionalities.

Optimal Flexibility

Do you need your business to be secure and available 24/7? Well, only highly available software can assure this type of flexibility. A partial breakdown of separate servers within a two-layer network strategy facilitates communication between several interfaces.

So, immediately the main server site becomes operational, the broken site can be smoothly switched off and then migrate any changes that happened at the production servers while the main server was offline.

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