Increase Online Sales: 8 Ecommerce Growth Tactics

As you create your online business, you may wonder how you can grow your ecommerce to reach more people and increase your revenue. However, finding new tactics and approaches to boost your sales may pose some problems. If you need help with finding growth tactics for your online presence, then look into these eight tips.

Offer Exclusive Deals

People love to save money, so you can offer different deals and discounts to draw in more people to your online shop. This includes individual offers, such as birthday discounts, and general deals for everyone to use. Either way, you can use these deals to draw in more customers and increase your revenue.

You can also create exclusive deals only available through certain channels. For example, if someone wants a 10 percent discount, they need to get the code by subscribing to your email newsletter. You should offer these deals on various channels so that you can encourage people to follow them, which increases your online presence.

Streamline Your Shop

When you work in ecommerce, you need to do everything you can to stand out from your competition and draw the attention of your customers. You can do this by making your online shop easy to use and straightforward when making purchases. This should draw in more people since they want to have an easy experience with their online shopping.

People hate it when they have to navigate multiple windows or screens, so try and lower the number of steps needed to purchase items from your store. This way, people will want to use your store to get those products while saving themselves some time. As you streamline the process, you will naturally retain more customers.

Use A/B Testing

Many businesses use A/B testing as a way to see what types of messages, headers and images work best for their websites. You can set it up so that some people will see one version while others will see the other one. You can then keep track of their data to see which one performs the best, giving you some knowledge when it comes to your customers' desires.

This will let you know what format you should use for your website based on the metrics that you measure from your visitors. Use the one with the results that you prefer. You can also use A/B testing in your emails and social media posts, so use this tactic to optimize all of your online content to yield the best results.

Create a Referral Program

If you want to find more customers, then you can always have your current customers give you referrals. Odds are, each of your customers have friends with some similar interests, so they could become customers as well. However, getting people to advocate for your business can be difficult, so you should reward customers for doing so.

A referral program will reward customers that refer friends who make a purchase. You can offer deals or even in-store credit to both of them so that they can both enjoy the benefits of the program. Creating a referral program works well because it encourages people to return to your business while sharing it with their friends.

Incorporate Automated Software

Automated software can help online stores since they can automatically respond to customers and provide them with assistance and information. For example, many online stores use chat-bots to answer questions when no one else is available. This way, customers can overcome their problems and recognize that your business takes care of them.

Automated software also works well for sending vital information to customers. You can set it up to send welcome emails, exclusive birthday deals and even order confirmations to your customers. Customers appreciate it when you send them relevant information, so using automated software can help you ensure that everyone gets the information they need.


Remember that you have a variety of channels to use during your online marketing, so cross-promoting can help you to grow. Cross-promotion involves advertising your different channels between each other. For example, you can encourage your email newsletter subscribers to follow your social media pages or other channels.

Keep in mind that people will forget to follow your other channels, so you should remind them every once in a while. This way, you can help your channels grow, interact with your customers more and encourage them to make purchases. Make sure to look for ways that you can cross-promote so that each of your channels can gain more attention.

Use Targeted Ads

As a business, you can use online ads to make more people aware of your brand. However, you also need to realize that showing your ads to everyone won't help you to find more customers, but smart ad placements will. This means that you need to use targeted ads as a way to increase the odds of gaining more customers.

You can set up targeted ads with websites to display them to your target demographic and others with the highest odds of showing interest in them. These people are identified based on what they search online and pages that they follow on those websites. This tactic will help you to get your ads to the right people, increasing the odds of getting more clicks.

Encourage Survey Taking

Remember that your business depends on its customers to survive and grow. Because of this, you should make sure that you find out what your customers want by asking them questions in surveys. This way, you can ask them specific questions and find out what they like or dislike about your business so you can tailor it to their needs.

Your survey should include questions that allow your customers to give their opinions about your store. After all, you want to find out what you need to change or maintain about your business to retain them as customers. Because of this, you can use surveys as a way to find out what they want, apply those opinions and draw in more customers.


Creating an digital presence comes with some difficulties and challenges for businesses, but proper online marketing strategies can assist them. These eight tips will guide you and give you an idea of how you can increase your sales, so make sure to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

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