5 Ways to Get More Google Reviews

Search engine reviews may not seem like a great SEO marketing strategy, but the truth is that it is very crucial for any online-based business. A simple reviewing of the world’s topmost search engine can make a big difference in your business, especially if you are at the search engine page’s prime. Gaining new search engine reviewing not only makes your business visible but also boosts your return on investment.

Why it is important to get more reviews

Search engine reviews are so crucial to the general marketing of your online business. If you want to maximize your visibility to get more customers, you need to get more search engine reviews. Having more reviews ensures that you stand out above your rivals in this competitive market.

Nearly 57% of prospective clients of a given business always expects it to have at least ten online reviews. So, search engine reviewing have become a basic requirement for any business that intends to attract more potential clients. The more reviewing your business has, the more popular you’ll become against your market competitors. 

It would help if you thought of the number of your reviews as a competitive race between you and your market rivals. Remember, Search engine reviews also make your clients and prospects get more knowledge of your business. Meaning, the more reviews you acquire, the more your prospective clients get to learn about your investment. The information people learn from your online business reviews can help them to build confidence and trust in the services you offer.

Don’t forget that Google rules the search engine world and it has the best SEO tools. Research has shown that over 70% of searches done online are through this platform. Therefore, your business will be easily found through the world’s top search engine, so there are higher chances that your business will be easily found. It will be of great benefit if you focus on optimizing your business reviews on the Google platform.

How to create a custom Google reviews link

1. Sign in to Google’s My Business on the dashboard. Ensure that you sign in to your business listing account. In case you have several listings, pick the listing you would love to create a link for.

2. Next, you must create a short profile name for your business, which will allow clients to find you via the search engine and maps easily. Click on the “info” tab on the dashboard and add the profile short name accordingly.

3. To access your link, navigate to the “home” tab on your listing. You’ll notice a “get more reviews card” just on your dashboard. You can click on it anytime you want to access the link. Copy your reviews link for sharing with your prospective clients and leads 

4. Finally, you can send the link you generated to your customers. If your prospects are signed, not their search engine Account, a pop-in window often appears in their browser, asking them to leave reviews.

Note, don’t try to solicit reviews by offering incentives to online users against the search engine policies. However, consider sending polite and friendly emails asking your prospects to give reviews to your business after using your product or services.

Ways to Get More Reviews

Alright, you are already aware of the importance of reviews and, of course, how to create links for your reviews. But how do you endure that you get enough reviews as per your marketing needs? The following five strategies will help you out.

1. Ensure that Users Can Leave Reviews

The first thing you need to acquire is My Business page to boost your business to gain a five-star reviews. You need to register and update your page by filling out the necessary information appropriately.  

Once the page is developed and verified, it can start collecting reviews. If you want to increase your reviews to a higher scale, you should consider hiring experts with online reputation management skills to help you for better results in the long run.

2. Ask for Reviews from Clients

The easiest and most direct way to acquire more reviews to ask your followers. Most likely, your clients will buy your products or services and get satisfied after using it. Most of these client’s never think of going back to your platform to leave a positive comment or insights.  

It would be best to use any strategy like email or newsletter signups to acquire reviews from the clients. The same case happens with those who hire your services. For instance, industries like hospitality can easily accumulate reviews from satisfied clients by simply asking them about their services after their stay. 

You can encourage them to follow your social media accounts or sign up for the newsletter as a package during their purchase. Use all those avenues to ask for client’s honest opinions and reviews. Remember, even a negative reviews are considered better than having no reviews at all.

3. Make it Easy for Visitors to Leave their Reviews

To get as many reviews as you desire, it’s important that you link to your review form closely. It would help if you made your page easily reachable. So, users must be able to click in a minimal way to reach you page to give out their views. 

Many people tend to give up if they have to peruse several barriers to access your platforms for reviews. You should see any extra step as a point of failure, meaning you’ll a given proportion of your probable reviews if there are more than enough barriers.

4. Prompt for Public Testimonials

Almost all businesses receive even negative reviews at some point. The negative comments shouldn’t intimidate you into giving up. Instead, use them as a perfect opportunity to offer your customers better services. Learn from negative comments and insights. If the comments are positive, appreciate the client’s by thanking them and welcoming them to use more of your products and services. That way, they can influence more leads to bring in buying customers and, of course, more reviews to your business.

5. Get Reviews from Other Sites

It’s great to get reviews from GMB, but you should also consider getting reviews elsewhere. As the saying goes, you should never put your eggs in one basket. Many people like you check business reviews from other sites that offer business review services. Consider asking for reviews through some known review sites. You don’t have to work with one search engine alone. Your users should be flexible enough to work with their preferred platform.

The Bottom Line

Please note, you can use all the tips to get more reviews. However, it all depends on the quality of the products or services you offer. If people don’t get satisfied with your products, you won’t get positive reviews. Consider ensuring your products are satisfactory, and your customers are left happy and yawning for more.

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