The Client

What once started off as a tiny clothing boutique operating out of a Facebook group, has grown into one of Australia's best clothing boutiques. With the ability to offer amazing customer service straight out of their Brendale warehouse, we have seen Amaroso grow from clothing scattered on over flooring throughout the house, to operating a 500sqm+ warehouse, with several full time staff at the helms to keep it managed.

We're thankful to have been able to continue to offer out services to Amaroso Boutique over the years and have seen several iterations of the business, infrastructure and website over the years to grow and improve systems as the demand increased.

The Problem

What initially started off as a simple website improvement, quickly grew into a migration onto new infrastructure that could easily grow with them. The initial problem(2015?), was that Amaroso were in need of a solution that could scale with them. They purchased what they thought was the best solution - Siteground Autoscaling. Which would enable their infrastructure to add up to xx GB of memory when it was required. This was a great concept, except that it wasn't configured correctly, and this was still causing their website to crash.

The Solution

We identified the problem pretty quickly, and initiated a move onto AWS. This was the start of all of the fun. We haven't stopped building out the solutions, infact they've just gotten more and more advanced as the solutions as the business and its requirements grow. We are now about to roll out global infrastructure to facilitate a global multi warehouse solution, which will have its own sets of challenges with inventory, shipping and procurements.


  • Magento (1.9->2.4)
    • Development
    • Maintenance
    • New Plugins
  • Amazon Web Services
    • Scalable on demand instances capable of handling huge spikes of traffic from ad-hoc marketing campaigns
    • Auto-Scaling Dockerized infrastructure
    • Redundant, fault tolerant, globally accessible (CDN)
    • Nerd Stuff - EC2, ECS, RDS, EFS, R53, S3, ALB
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