FarmReady Hub

The Client

The FarmReady Hub is a collection of services that faciliates the initial training and employment of young adults that want to get into the agriculture workforce. With a range of initiatives providing subsidised access to this program, it's an easy choice that provides value to both employer and employee.

The FarmReady Hub partners with government initiatives looking to push people into agriculture work due to the skills shortage. These partnerships allows the FarmReady Hub to expand and incorporate new services to improve the overall user experience.

The Problem

33Technologies was brought on initially to implement a few new elements and to push the users into a specific experience. This was trying as it required us to work around existing systems that had already been setup.

There have been several stages of the project as time has gone on. Given the times that we're facing (COVID) and with uncertainties in border and access to job seekers, it made the task harder to acomplish. The end goal is always to get agriculture job seekers into the program to get them trained up, find work and plan their adventure.

The Solution

After completing the first stage of the changes, gathering results and talking to other leaders in the Agriculture workspace, we came up with some improvements to reduce the complexity of the system, which followed through into the customer experience too. We saw an increase in conversions from this, and the process of improvement has not stopped. We get very specific traffic from the marketing campaigns, so we tailor the customer experience based on these audiences, each track is slightly different depending on what you're trying to do, where you come from (marketing channel) and who you might be affiliated with. This further helps us to improve the conversion rate by tailoring the content to the user.

We have made several custom improvements to this system expanding on the WordPress platform, all whilst continuing the integrations between the existing setup, marketing channels and third party services.


  • WordPress
    • Development
    • Maintenance
    • New Plugins
  • Custom Development
  • Custom Report modules
  • Amazon Web Services
    • Scalable on demand instances capable of handling huge spikes of traffic from ad-hoc marketing campaigns
    • Redundant, fault tolerant, globally accessible (CDN)
    • Nerd Stuff - EC2, ECS, RDS, EFS, R53, S3, ALB
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