33Technologies have 2 separate backup products, and depending on your requirements, one may be better suited for your organisation over the other, or a combination of both.

The complete backup solution, will form part of your Disaster Recovery Action Plan by giving you a complete system snapshot, which will allow you to restore to either bare metal, virtual machine, or to the cloud. Documents backup on the other hand is a smaller backup solution providing end user self-service, zero configuration, unlimited document storage. 

Your organisation runs on data, and many organisations protect their data by backing up servers and a few
key workstations.

However, large amounts of data reside in spreadsheets, documents, or presentations stored on workstations. Loss of that data from natural disaster, hardware failure, ransomware, or accidental deletion could be catastrophic.

IT service providers and business owners have long recognised the importance of protecting the intellectual capital stored in business documents but have struggled with the cost of provisioning and administering a broad full workstation backup programme.

Backup Documents locates and backs up unlimited documents from every workstation twice a day—automatically—for $39.00 a workstation/month, and with our global cloud network, users can self-service restore documents anywhere at any time.


Key Features

» Two automated documents backups per day

» 56 versions to restore from per 28-day period

» Included in the $39.00 Essentials package

Supported Files


.DOC—Microsoft® Word Document
.DOCX—Microsoft Word Open XML Document
.ODT—OpenDocument Text Document
.PAGES—Pages Document
.PDF—Adobe® Portable Document Format
.RTF—Rich Text Format File
.TXT—Plain Text File
.WPD—WordPerfect Document
.WPS—Microsoft Works Word Processor File
.ODG—OpenDocument Drawing File


.KEY—Keynote Presentation
.PPS—PowerPoint® Slide Show
.PPT—PowerPoint Presentation
.PPTX—PowerPoint Open XML Presentation
.ODP—OpenDocument Presentation File


.CSV—Comma Separated Values File
.XLR—Microsoft Works Spreadsheet
.XLS—Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheet
.XLSX—Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
.ODS—OpenDocument Spreadsheet
.numbers—Apple® Numbers® Application File
.ODC—Office Data Connection File
.ODF—Apache® OpenOffice Math File

Backups Documents is included in the Business Essentials package


Workstation Backup

Any workstation data loss can mean days of downtime and additional cost to re-create information or re-install utilities.

Backup for workstations protects entire workstations–quickly and easily to help reduce downtime. Device-based pricing simplifies budgeting and offers affordable protection.

This includes


Bare Metal Recovery

Restore from bare-metal images in minutes.

This includes


Faster Backups and Restores

Optimize backups and reduce maintenance windows.

This includes

Virtual Disaster Recovery

Be prepared for anything with automated system restores to Hyper-V® or VMware®.

This includes

Security-Focused Storage

Safe, Secure Storage.

This includes

Archiving & Versioning

Keep multiple file versions and store securely for long-term needs.

This includes

Backups Documents is included in the Business Pro package